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We have the most comprehensive Vitamin and Minerals supplements for Dogs & Cats, to keep them healthy and Fit.

Some examples below:


Feed Supplement

Animal feed supplement of easy assimilation.

Its components provide daily the essential for a maximum performance, containing: vitamins, minerals, macro and trace elements, amino acids and energetic.

It provides the necessary elements for optimal development of the animals in the growing and production stages as well as a better performance in athlete animals.

Indicated for exhibitions preparation and competitions and as an stimulator for muscle development in sport and racing animals, as well as nutritional supplementation in phases as: pregnancy, lactation, growth, development, competitions, exhibitions and debilitated animals.


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Glicomic Pet

Protein and energy supplementation

Protein and energy supplement. Indicated for: sport and in training animals, to increase the performance, for intense exercises, gain of weight, definition of muscular mass; anorexia, liver diseases, parasitism, heart diseases, septicemias, urinary pathologies; recoveries after infected-contagious diseases; convalescent animals; surgical traumas; feeding through catheter; growth, lactation; stress and all those situations that require nutritional supplementation.

It contains 22 amino acids of quick assimilation and glucose, propitiating liver-protector and anabolic functions, etc. It also has antioxidant, anabolic, lipotropics, anti-catabolic, anti-fatigue and anti-stress factors. Furthermore, it acts as regenerator and protector of intestinal fluffiness; carrier; etc.


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Potenmic Pet

Mineral Supplement oral suspension

Nutritional supplement acting as: reconstituent, enhancer, energizer, hematinic, antistress, antioxidant, metabolism and appetite stimulating, immunostimulant. Its formulation contains amino acids, vitamins, energizer, minerals and trace elements, providing in a single product every required element for optimal performance. It is indicated for: athletic, exhibition, pregnant, lactating or growing animals; nutritional management in the recovery of convalescent or weakened animals, stimulating appetite, helping in hepatic metabolism, weight gain, and mass muscle definition.


Target Species: Canine, feline, mustelidae, reptiles, birds and rodents.


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Nutritional Supplement enriched with vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals supplement for animal feed.

It is indicated for the nutritional support of animals in growth, training, severe exercises, to favor the athletic animals performance and the recovering of weakened animals. Its vitamins and minerals act directly and indirectly in the animal cellular metabolisms, mainly in the blood cells, acting as hematopoiesis precursor.

Target Species: Canine, feline, mustelidae, birds and rodents.


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